Top Tips For Big Bright Eyes Even Twiggy Would be Proud Of


Back in the swinging Sixties, a bambi-eyed Twiggy debuted a look that would come to epitomise a whole era. Despite favouring a less is more approach to her hair and mini skirts, there was no such thing as too much when it came to the make-up on those baby blues.

Here are our top tips for big bright eyes even Twiggy would be proud of.

Curl up

If you don’t yet own an eyelash curler, you’re missing the biggest trick in the book when it comes to getting a wide-eyed look. An extra 15 seconds each morning is all that stands between you and those big ol’ blues, with curled lashes making eyes look wider before you’ve even reached for the mascara wand. Always curl lashes before applying mascara and keep your curlers in good condition to avoid damage.

Draw the line

There can be no come to bed eyes without lashings of liner but it’s all about the placement; whilst black liner along the inner rim is a prerequisite of the smoky, sultry look, it’ll make eyes look smaller rather than bigger and that isn’t the look we’re going for this time around.

Achieving the desired effect is easy when you know how. Use a nude or champagne liner to line the inner rim and give tight-lining a go for ultimate effect. To perfect the tight-lining technique, simply look down, life the eyelid and run a waterproof liner along the upper lashline. Easy! Lashes will look thicker and darker, opening up those eyes a treat!

Light it up

It’s a trick favoured by make-up artists and highlighting the inner corner of the eye really works to open up your peepers. Opt for a pale cream or champagne shade and limit it to a smidgen just near the tear duct. Make sure those brows are perfectly pruned and don’t forget to pat a little highlighter along the brow bone too!

Playing in the shadows

Eye shadow can make or break a beauty look, depending on how you use it. Dark and smoky lids will make eyes seem smaller, so stick with a pale bone shade across the majority of your eyelid, keeping the darker shades limited to the outer corners. Work a darker shade along the crease, the outer corner of the lids and the outer third of the lower lash line.

On the lash

Can you imagine a world without mascara? Neither can we!

Sooty black lashes are a must when it comes to replicating Twiggy’s wide-eyed signature style but times have changed and it’s no longer all about the clumpy look that the supermodel once favoured. Work the wand into the roots of your lashes to achieve definition, slowly pulling it through to the ends to avoid heavy clumps. Layer those coats on, allowing each one to dry slightly before applying the next.

If all else fails, fake it!

Who doesn’t fake it every now and then? We certainly do and nothing gets us more excited than layering on the falsies for a flutter that no amount of mascara can achieve.


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