Three TV Wedding Themes That Aren’t Neighbours

Hands up if you’re already addicted to the brand new series of Don’t Tell The Bride? Nothing eases your Bridezilla tendencies quite like a reminder of how quickly things could go south if your dearly beloved was to take charge of the wedding planning, does it?As vintage hen party and bridal beauty specialists, we love nothing more than a wedding that throws it back to the golden years but those Scott and Charlene style 80s-tastic nuptials were the wrong side of retro for our liking. Leave the mullet and shoulder pads where they belong and use one of these period dramas for wedding inspiration instead. Here are three of our favourites, chosen ‘especially for you’.

Downton Abbey

We can’t be the only ones who watched Downton Abbey for the fashion as much as the theatre? Edwardian and elegant are two words which best describe the many weddings that took place on Downton Abbey, several of which have been inspiring brides ever since.

From Art Deco headwear and jewellery to gorgeous lace gowns, Downton Abbey oozes vintage wedding inspiration. Lady Mary was the star of the show when she found her happy ending, marrying in a long sleeved cream 1920s style dress encrusted with tiny pearls and subtle Swarovski crystals. Similarly chic, and also without a hint of shoulder pad, was Lady Rose whose beaded silk tulle gown was a 1920s original. In terms of jewellery and tiaras, both brides showcased accessories that could have come from the family heirlooms. If you’re keen to recreate the look, leave the sparkly silver on the shelf and opt for Art Deco inspired pieces in softer, more matte metals.

Call The Midwife

With ice cream hues galore and circle skirts in abundance, we couldn’t leave Call The Midwife off the list. The Fifties are a huge inspiration for vintage loving brides for many reasons. For starters, those circle skirts and cinched waists are seriously flattering on all figures. Call The Midwife’s Jenny rocked a victory roll and pin-curl with aplomb too.

As the series’ went on, so too did the fashions. The arrival of the Swinging Sixties saw leading lady Trixie’s style shift towards short hem shift dresses and beatnik polo necks. Making the Call The Midwife trends work for your big day is easy; nothing looks sweeter for an alternative wedding than a short hem, sleeves and a veiled pillbox hat.

Mad Men

Joan and Betty stole our vintage hearts in Mad Men and their early Sixties style has been stuck in our heads ever since.

Curvy brides will relish the sculpting silhouettes that Joan Harris had in her arsenal. Flirty, foxy and fashionable to this very day, the wiggle dress has powers of seduction that should never be underestimated. If you’re planning a simple vintage style wedding in a registry office or city hall, this drop dead gorgeous style is guaranteed to knock em dead. And if you’re blessed with fiery Christina Hendricks locks, that’s just all the better too.

Betty Draper’s pale blue, lavender and baby pink looks and A-line hems are our ultimate inspiration for bridesmaids. She’s the ultimate housewife, an extra petticoat making her full skirts fuller and an extra centimetre or two boosting those beehives. Best of all, it’s a look the flatters all shapes and ages, so you’ll have happy bridesmaids on your hands too. And isn’t that always a winner?

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