Three Easy Steps To Sixties Wedding Style

All you need is love. And a cute shift dress. And a beehive, obviously. Oh and a really great black eyeliner.

Okay, okay, if the truth be told you’re gonna need a lot more than love if you’re to nail sixties wedding style for your own ceremonial shindig. Peace and love alone won’t quite cut the mustard, but throw in these three ever-so-important elements and you’ll be well on your way to a sixties soiree Priscilla Presley would be proud of.

The Dress

Is there anything which says sixties chic quite like the short-but-sweet shift dress?

Yoko Ono accessorised hers with knee-high socks, tennis shoes and a sunhat, all of which came together in a look best described as ‘experimental’. Raquel Welsh opted for a very little crochet number, worn beneath knee-length white faux fur and accessorised with some seriously good legs, whilst Mia Farrow went the prim and proper route in pearl-buttoned satin for her Las Vegas nuptials to The Rat Pack’s suave frontman, Frank Sinatra.

The long and short (mostly short) of it, is that if you are emulating sixties style starlets on your own big day, the shift dress is almost sure to take a starring role. Now, we can’t be the first to notice a distinct lack of anything suitably thigh-skimming in most bridal boutiques. Enter Glory Days. It’ll take a road trip to that there Yorkshire, but this anything-but-boring bridal boutique will scratch your sixties shift itch with a bespoke dress created by a true vintage devotee.

The Make-up

Do you fake it? If you don’t, you should, especially on your wedding day.

We’re talking about lashes, of course. Big bambi lashes were kind of a big deal in the sixties. Scrap that, they were a really big deal. It’s no great secret that we are advocates of getting lashed and never is this more the case than when we are creating a sixties bridal beauty look.

Sixties style sees a look start with a semi-matte base and rosy-pink cheeks. Then, it’s onto the eyes. This is where the magic happens.

Pale shadow across the lid, a strong defined socket and a good slick of white liner in your lower waterline will take you from 0 to Twiggy quicker than you can say ‘Swinging Sixties’. With a sweep of strong black eyeliner – drawn in a line more horizontal than the eyebrow-aiming flicks of the fifties – you’re Bambi-eyed and good to go. Once you’ve got your lashes on. Don’t forget the lashes.

The Hair

Oh, the hair. As one would expect from a decade which spawned the bob and the bouffant, there was no such thing as a bad hair day in the sixties. Luckily for you, this means options galore for sixties style brides.

Short hair? Make like Mia Farrow with a gamine crop. Prefer things sleek and sharp? Follow in the footsteps of an icon with a Vidal Sassoon-style bob, a la Nancy Kwan and Mary Quant.

Now, long-haired ladies have two options. Fancy yourself as a hippy chick? Channel Woodstock vibes with long, loose, centre-parted hair accessorised with a fresh flower garland. Flower power, indeed.

Glamour girls, this is the part you’ve all been waiting for. The Beehive. Sleek, side-swept and flicked at the ends like Jean Shrimpton or amped up at the roots, backcombed to within an inch of its life and secured with a black or cream bow, as loved by Brigitte Bardot. This sixties style icon was the queen of the beehive long before Beyonce claimed the title (sorry B!) and her ‘go big or go home’ attitude to hair has never failed us.

Now, get yourself down that aisle and show John and Yoko how it’s done.



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