Say ‘I Do’ To Red Lipstick On Your Wedding Day


Grace Kelly, Gwen Stefani and Amal Clooney all did it on their big day. Yes, we’re talking about big, bold, beautiful red lips.

When you’re the kinda gal who rocks a red lip day-in, day-out, the thought of trading that little tube of rouge for a dash of nude gloss can be enough to bring a girl out in hives. A whole lot of brides hear ‘bridal makeup’ and starting counting down the hours until the sad time comes to bid their bright red lips farewell.

But hold your horses little lady, because who says the blushing bride has to have the obligatory rosy cheeks, soft nude lips and taupe shadow? We happen to think that red lips on your wedding day can look pretty darn hot, so long as you’re prepared to put in the leg work to make sure they stay where they’re supposed to. After all, lipstick on his collar never did anybody any good!

Scout Your Shade

First thing’s first, before all the exfoliating and making sure those lips are baby soft, you need to find your perfect colour. Now, if you’ve been wearing red lipstick every day since the year dot, you can ignore us. You know your stuff, you know your shade, so all you need to do is stock up.

For those who are desperate to wear red but who have not yet found the lipstick love of their life, we suggest taking your little soon-to-be-married tush all the way to the nearest make-up counter and working with the girls there to find a shade to suit. Even better, book your bridal make-up trial with The Beauty Artist well in advance and we’ll work with you to see which shades best suit your skin tone.

Put In The Prep

Red lips have some serious impact, that much is sure. But, if you’re going to nail the vintage glamourpuss look on your big day, you need to make sure those lips are perfectly prepped well before you reach the point of no return (about the time you say ‘I do’, just in case you were wondering).

Exfoliating your lips is as easy as putting on a little Vaseline or lashings of lip balm and gently rubbing a soft toothbrush over them a couple of times a week. If you’re taking your exfoliation habits super-serious, feel free to invest in a lip scrub, which will have you prepared to pucker up in no time at all.

Build A Base

Nothing screams romance like leaving a rosy red lipstick stain on the face of your new husband or wife right after the kissing part, right? No, we didn’t think so. Make sure your red lips stay where they’re supposed to be by building your base.

Start by moisturising with a good quality balm, then – and this is the important part – line the lips. Lip liner acts as the barrier that keeps everything right where it should be, stopping your lippy from going out of bounds and onto the rest of your face. Use a liner the same shade as your natural lip colour or the same colour as your lipstick. But don’t, we repeat, DO NOT overline the lips unless you consider yourself a professional. This isn’t the eighties and you aren’t a Kardashian, so leave the clever lip plumping techniques to the experts and either let your make-up artist work their magic SUBTLY or stick with the lines that Mother Nature gave you!

Keep It Simple

Just like we love a bride with a bright red lip, we also love the ones with big, bright peepers. What we’re not so keen on is the combination of both. We’ve already stated our position on channelling the 1980s a little too closely, so leave blue eye shadow and red lip combo to Madonna. A simple feline flick is a vintage beauty favourite for a reason. It just works. Wear it with a red lip and some incredible Old Hollywood curls and it works even better.

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