Planning The Perfect Wedding Morning

It’s here. It’s really, finally, here. After months, if not years, in the planning, the Big Day has finally arrived. The champagne is chilling in the fridge and the bacon is sizzling under the grill. Dad’s looking for his other sock, Mum’s grin refuses to subside anytime soon and the bridesmaids are descending into a gaggle of giggles every five minutes. As excitement reaches fever pitch, the wedding morning is almost as much fun as the main event itself. After months of dress stress and top table traumas, it’s time to sit back, relax and make the most of your very last morning as a Miss. Here’s how to make sure it’s the perfect prelude to the best big day ever.

Your old favourite PJs just won’t cut it

Slothing around in your trusty old fleece pyjamas just ain’t the way to get your wedding day off to a glamorous start. Treat yourself and your ladies to matching silk robes or personalised satin pyjamas and you won’t just look and feel the part for your morning makeovers, you’ll also tick the thank you presents off your to-do list.

Always, always eat!

We get it; you’re too excited, too tired, too anxious, too conscious of the corset on your dress, but girl you gotta eat! Missing out on a hearty, healthy breakfast on your wedding morning is a fast track to being tipsy by the first toast. Pour some mimosas, warm some croissants and throw together a huge fruit salad for everyone to tuck into. Sitting down to breakfast with some of your favourite people will be one of your favourite wedding morning memories.

Set the scene with scent

Nothing triggers our memories like scent, so treat yourself to a gorgeous candle to burn on your wedding morning. Every time you smell that scent, you’ll be taken straight back to a time when all your loved ones were counting down the minutes to your big day. Don’t forget a soundtrack too; nothing gets a party going like some cheesy 90s classics or 80s throwbacks.

Let your dress hang loose

All those photographs of dresses free and flowing from personalised hangers aren’t just for artistic effect. With their acres of fragile fabrics, wedding dresses are like fine wines; they need time to breathe to fulfil their knockout potential. Treat yourself to a plush padded or personalised hanger and hang your dress, air out your veil and most importantly, make sure the stickers are off the bottom of those shoes!!

Prep the beauty parlour

Your hair and beauty team will soon be on hand with brushes and bronzers at the ready and they’ll need a well-lit space in which to work their magic. Set aside a space and watch the pin-ups emerge one by one, leaving a haze of hairspray and highlighter in their wake. With a team on hand to take charge of the transformations, you’ll have a stress-free start to your wedding day and guaranteed glam to boot. It’s a win-win situation.

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