Pin-up Style in Six Steps


They’re the sex symbols of yesteryear and they’re one of our most popular vintage hen party themes. Yes, we’re talking about the pin-up girls, the bombshell beauties with knock ‘em dead curves and the attitude to match. Few fancy dress themes celebrate our feminine wiles so well and if there’s a vintage look guaranteed to have you and your hens feeling like a million dollars, it’s this one. Here’s what you’ll need to make it your own.

The Curls

Rack up those rollers because pin-up girls were known for their curls. Poker-straight hair just won’t cut it on this occasion, so you’ll need to take all means necessary to primp and preen your locks into the kind of curls Marilyn Monroe would have killed for back in her heydey. Voluminous victory rolls, rolled bangs, half up-dos and retro ponies are the order of the day here.

The Accessories 

See, the thing with being all grown up is that you just don’t get the chance to rock a bow in your ponytail half as much as you’d like. Pin-up girls never had this problem, so take the opportunity to accessorise with aplomb now that you have an excuse. Polka dot bows, red bandanas and exotic flowers behind the ear are all welcome additions to pin-up girl hairstyles.

The Make-up Maths

There’s math behind a pin-up girl’s beauty look and this is the equation: red matte lips + winged liner + defined brows + lashes galore = pin-up perfection. The key to that doe-eyed look is in the lashes, so you gotta pile on the falsies.

The Clothes

Vintage pin-up vixens don’t concern themselves with A-line skirts and shift dresses. Instead, it is all about clothes that hug every single curve and show them off to full effect. Pencil skirts, Capri pants, sailor shorts, bustiers and knotted shirts flatter an hourglass figure and add a little va-va-voom to more boyish shapes. Didn’t we tell you pin-up works for everyone?

The Prints

Cherries, sailor stripes, leopard print, polka dots and gingham; pin-up girls LOVE a print and the list goes on. The bolder the better too, we never were the shy and retiring type.

The Saucy Swimwear

Feeling brave? Take your pin-up girl look to the next level by flashing a little more flesh. This was the 1940s and 1950s remember, so keep those bikini bottoms super high-waisted! Extra pin-up points for anything nautical but nice.

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