It’s time for our close-up!

our close upThe Beauty Artist-275

Here at The Beauty Artist, we spend our days turning natural beauties into red carpet starlets and vintage-inspired vixens. There is nothing we love more than prepping our brushes and working our magic on our blushing brides, and we’re never happier than when we’re tending to the tresses of the wedding party. However, we decided it was time to utilise our transformative talents in another area and now we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our brand new website.

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, have recently checked out our blog or have taken a look at our hen party packages, you will notice that we have undergone a makeover of our own. Our homepage is awash with vintage-style pastel shades befitting of a 1950s ice-cream parlour and we decided that we couldn’t possibly hide our gorgeous hens away from the world any longer, so they’re now taking pride of place in our brand new gallery. You’ll find tons of testimonials on there too, along with a fabulous blog brimming with vintage style tips and hen party planning ideas.

Those who have happened upon our new website whilst planning the perfect hen party will be happy to hear that they are in the right place. Venture into our brand new ‘Hen Party’ section and you will find information on our amazing vintage packages. Looking for a 1950s makeover with a side order of delectable afternoon tea served to your door? We’ve got just the thing! Fancy spending the morning stitching up a storm in a sewing masterclass, before a 1920s transformation and vintage themed photo shoot to show off your handiwork? We’re your guys. If the bride prefers to sip her favourite tipple from a vintage Babycham glass rather than through a naughty straw, our vintage hen parties will guarantee that she says ‘so long’ to singledom in style.

And so here we are – lovers of lashes, pin curl professionals and connoisseurs of contour. From beautifying brides on their big day to styling high fashion editorial shoots through our agency, you will find out everything you need to know about The Beauty Artist here on our brand new website.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

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