Dance Lessons

Dance lessons

Do you know your Charleston from your Cha Cha Cha?

The only thing better than getting all dolled up, is putting all that beautifying to good use by hitting the dance floor afterwards and shaking what your momma gave you. Combine one of our vintage makeovers with a dance lesson and not only will we make you look the part, we’ll show you the moves too!


Tease and titillate your way through a vintage burlesque class, mastering the art of seduction with mischief in your eyes and a naughty smile on your lips. Transform into a true burlesque beauty and you’ll quickly find that twirling on those heels, peering over your scarlet fan and removing your silk gloves soon becomes second nature.

Belly Dance

If it’s good enough for Queen B, it’s good enough for us. Channel your inner Beyoncé with a class that’ll have you winding your hips in ways you never knew possible. Perfect your shimmy, figure of 8 and snake arms, before unleashing your most seductive stare for some seriously sexy veil routines.


Gather the girls and ignite your Spanish fire with a flamenco. Stamp, clap and step like a sultry señorita, before finishing with a gypsy influenced routine.


Those fiery Cubans know a thing or two about getting sexy and the sizzling salsa is hotter than Havana! Move your hips and learn the steps you need to put together a scorching salsa routine; a flash of leg is obligatory!


Make like a Bollywood screen queen and try your henna bedazzled hand at a dance that fuses Indian, Street Dance, Belly Dance and more. Learn the moves of Bollywood and Bhangra, before putting it all together in a dazzling routine straight out of Bombay.


We like large parties and they’re incomplete without a little Charleston. Relive the Roaring Twenties with a routine that’d impress even The Great Gatsby himself. We can’t promise you Leonardo DiCaprio but we can guarantee a barrel of laughs as you learn what was the most risqué dance of the era; the speakeasy awaits!


Gather your dolly birds and your beauty school dropouts, because you were born to hand-jive baby! Throw on your leather like Danny or squeeze into Sandy’s Lycra look, as you learn the moves and recite the tunes we all know and love from our favourite vintage romcom.

Dirty Dancing

Nobody puts Baby in the corner! There’ll be no carrying watermelons this time around but you will need to peel off that wallflower persona and head to the dance floor. Channel elements of Latin dance including salsa and Cha Cha Cha, before finishing with ‘The Time of My Life’ – lift optional but encouraged!


Bob your hair and dig out your fishnets because we’re gonna paint the town – and all that jazz! With your best Velma and Roxy looks at the ready, you’ll learn the Bob Fosse choreography behind Broadway’s biggest hit.


Michael Jackson isn’t only the true King of Pop, he’s the King of the dance floor too. Master your Moonwalk and perfect your hip thrust, before finally realising a teenage dream as you lead your own zombie apocalypse with an all-out performance of Thriller. There’s even a starring role for the bride!

Musical Theatre

What’s a girl to do when the bride’s favourite musical isn’t featured on our list? Let us know! We’ll master the moves in time to teach you a trick or two when the hen party rolls around.

Girl Bands

Bring your good vibes and glow sticks, because we’re heading back to the 90s baby! The era of boy and girl bands is back, bringing with it the music and moves of everyone from the Backstreet Boys to Destiny’s Child. If your teenage years revolved around platforms, hair mascara and bickering over who should be Ginger Spice, this is the one of you.

Flirt and Seduction

The bride might have won at the dating game but this fun and flirty class will help everyone master those skills of seduction. Make like Eva Mendes and work on your inner temptress with games, role play and more.

50 Shades

Hen parties are all about being a little bit risque and our 50 Shades class fits the bill perfectly. Lift your satin eye mask and take a peek into the world of dominance and submission, following the footsteps of 50 Shades of Grey with sense deprivation, taste, whips, cuffs and more.

Pole Dancing

Shake what your momma gave you as you glide, wiggle and wind your way through a pole dancing class. Stripper shoes may be optional but sass is obligatory, so bring your attitude and decide on a stripper name; things are about to get naughty!

Our dance classes are £25 per person, or just £15 per person if combined with a vintage makeover package. Currently available in Brighton only.

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