Have Yourself A Very Vintage Christmas & New Year

With the halls decked with holly – or more easily sourced alternatives, seriously who has time to ramble in the woods these days? – it is finally time for us to turn our attention to the season’s more exciting endeavours. We’re talking about the parties of course, from Secret Santa-swapping shindigs to the annual festive family knees up down the local and, our favourite of them all, New Year’s Eve and all the glitz ‘n glam that inevitably comes with it.

When the weather outside is frightful, there is only one thing to do; pile on the sequins, layer up the faux fur, smudge on the red lippy and prepare to bring some feisty vintage vibes to your festive looks. We can’t promise you’ll be warm while you wait for the taxi home on New Year’s Eve, but we can promise you’ll look pretty darn good while you do so!

Vintage Outfit Inspiration

First thing’s first; the outfit. Christmas and vintage fashion goes together like cheese and crackers, or mince pies and sherry. It just works. When you’re planning your Christmas party or New Year’s Eve look, there is no such thing as less is more. Velvets can’t be too plush, underskirts can’t be too wide and sequins can’t be too sparkly. It’s just the way things work at Christmas and it’s something we like to take full advantage of every single year.

The shops are full to the brim with modern reincarnations of classic trends from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s at the minute, but the real hidden gems are buried deep in your local vintage shop. Who wants lightweight Lurex when you can have a vintage version that has seen Studio 54-style nights out in the seventies and lived to tell the tale? Opt for vintage and you’ll find the velvet is heavier, the satin has a softer sheen and the sequins are ever-so-slightly worn in a way that gives them a backstory that probably involved one-too-many Babychams.

When it comes to wearing your new vintage treasures, that is where you can afford to mix things up a bit. Buckle up those new season Topshop platforms with your vintage sixties mini dress for legs that go on for days, or throw your favourite leather jacket over your Great Gatsby-inspired drop-waist dress to see you to and from the pub without a hint of hypothermia. These little contemporary touches will bring your look bang up to date, without losing any of those vintage inspirations we’re all coveting this Christmas and New Year.

Modern Make-up For Vintage Vixens

Like vintage fashion, vintage-inspired makeup looks just work for Christmas. The dark red lips of the 1920s have never looked better than when you are smouldering on the dance floor in a haze of festive sparkle, while a retro red lip works a charm with curve-hugging New Year’s Eve outfits befitting of a fifties sex bomb.

Make like Marilyn Monroe in Gentleman Prefer Blondes, a slick of magenta seeing you pretty in pink, or bring the Sixties from the silver screen to the festive soiree in Audrey Hepburn-inspired peach lippy. Whatever you do, leave the retro 80s looks in the past where they belong and get your inspiration from other eras instead.

Wannabe vintage vixens have endless options when it comes to the eyes. A feline flick will never go out of fashion and if you want to amp things up a bit without diverting too far from your less-is-more comfort zone, a cat’s eye will up the ante without feeling like fancy dress. That said, there is no other time of year when we are quite so encouraged to go all-out as Christmas and New Year. Channel Seventies vibes with some extra glitter in your smoky eyes or layer on the falsies for a Sixties twist Twiggy would be proud of. Don’t forget an extra layer or two of mascara on those bottom lashes too.

Whichever route you take to vintage style, we do have one piece of advice; the optimum time to apply all that glitter is approximately one gin in, when you are brave enough to up the sparkle, yet sober enough to master a feline flick. Or you could just get somebody else to do it for you…

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