Hair And Beauty Tips From The Silver Screen Starlets


Back in the day, long before we started turning to YouTube videos and glossy magazines, it was the stars of the silver screen who inspired a generation of beauty looks. Whether they were lighting up the cinema screens or charming their suitors at exclusive soirees, there was never a moment that these movie beauties didn’t have their face on. Here are the hints, tips and tricks that kept Hollywood’s icons looking fabulous.

Audrey Hepburn

Her doe-eyed look is one that we recreate often here at The Beauty Artist and Audrey Hepburn went to great lengths to ensure those lashes were looking lush. After coating her lashes in mascara, Audrey had her make-up artist painstakingly separate each one with a pin! We’d go to great extremes in the name of hair and beauty but even that is perhaps a step too far for us.

Audrey Hepburn

Marlene Dietrich

The 1930s vixen was famous for her brows but those perfect arches didn’t come naturally. The era saw pencilling your brows become the norm and Marlene reportedly took her dedication to the brow game to the extreme, shaving off her own eyebrows so that she could pencil them in with the dramatic arch she loved so much. Marlene took her cheekbones even more seriously than her brows, having her molars removed for ultimate definition and using surgical tape to fake a face lift!

Marlene Dietrich, 1930's. Restored by Nick & jane for Doctor Macro's High Quality Movie Scans website: Enjoy!

If you think the Kardashians take over-lined lips to the extreme, you’ve seen nothing yet. Marilyn Monroe’s perfect pout was reportedly achieved with no fewer than FIVE different lipsticks and glosses. Darker shades were put on the outer edge, graduating to lighter shades in the centre of the lips for an ombré optical illusion that created that infamously plump pout.  Vivien Leigh was another actress who liked to colour outside the lines when it came to her lips.

Elizabeth Taylor

Like her most famous character Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor would go to great lengths to achieve her gorgeous glow. The starlet reportedly swore by shaving her face, removing not only any fine hairs but also any dead skin cells, and so revealing the luminous skin beneath. Ingrid Bergman wasn’t averse to the old razor either and famously shaved a centimetre from her hairline to create the impression of a larger forehead.


Greta Garbo

The uses for Vaseline knows no bounds and it’s a staple in the kit of many a makeup artist. Greta Garbo used the petroleum jelly to make her eyes pop, though the way she did it might not appeal to most, mixing the jelly with charcoal to line them. We think we’d rather stick with a good old kohl pencil than start reaching for the actual black stuff. Bette Davis was another petroleum fan, layering it beneath those infamous baby blues to reduce dark circles and puffiness.


Jean Harlow

Way back in the 1930s, Jean Harlow practically invented term ‘blonde bombshell’. Whilst we’d do anything to have her lovely light locks, the lengths she went to achieve them were somewhat extreme – a potent combination of peroxide, ammonia and washing powder!


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