Five Reasons To Let The Beauty Artist Create Your Wedding Look

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Your face is the first place that your dearly beloved will look when you reach the end of the aisle (once they’ve wiped away those obligatory tears of happiness on seeing you in all your finery, of course), yet many brides still need a little convincing when it comes to hiring a make-up artist to create their perfect wedding day beauty look. If you’re one of them, here are five reasons that might well inspire you to change your mind and book that trial!

We’ll save you money

Put down the fancy face creams and step away from the recovery oils! If you’re one of the countless brides who pile on the products in the hope of achieving that elusive ethereal glow in the run up to your big day, you could be doing more harm than good. Whilst it’s easy to fall for the sales girl spiel about all the costly cosmetics you need to be splashing the cash on in the run up to your big day, the chances are you’re spending money that you could save for other things…like the services of The Beauty Artist’s team of experts.

When you book us to create your bridal beauty look, we’ll always suggest a trial run first. Not only will this give us the opportunity to get a feel for the look you have in mind, it’ll also give us a chance to take a closer look at your skin and offer our expert advice on what you should be doing in the run up to the big day. It could be as simple as drinking tons more water, so save yourself some cash on cosmetics and put it to better use instead.

We have the know-how you need

Did you know that foundation with built-in SPF will appear bright white when photographed with a flash? And that highlighting incorrectly can actually make your face appear rounder, rather than subtly contoured and glowing from within? Did you know that applying your feline flick in the wrong shape can make eyes appear smaller, rather than bigger?

We know which lashes to use to create big ol’ bambi eyes and we know how to enhance your brows so that they frame your face perfectly. We can even disguise those pesky spots that tend to rear their ugly heads whenever you’d rather they didn’t.

We will make the stress disappear

Seating plans, venue visits, dress fittings, the Mother-in-Law; you’ve got enough to worry about without stressing about your make-up on the big day. And what is it with your face looking flawless when you’re nipping around town running errands, but going to pot on those occasions when you attempt a bit of extra effort for a fancy do? Even a beauty master class with one of the department store concessions doesn’t account for the stress of trying to recreate the look yourself, with a dose of the pre-wedding jitters and a hyperactive flower girl or three scuttling around your feet.

Save yourself the stress on your wedding morning; slip on your fluffy dressing gown, grab a glass of something fizzy (and we don’t mean pop!) and let us do all the hard work for you. Our sparkling personalities are almost as appealing as our skills with a brush and eye shadow palette, and we promise to deliver a laugh or two alongside our beautifying brilliance.

We’ll make sure you’re ready for your close up

Doing your make-up for the usual day-to-day is a million miles away from making sure that you look drop dead gorgeous on film. Let The Beauty Artist do your bridal make-up and we will make sure that’s you’re always ready for your close up. We’ll highlight your best features, make your baby blues sparkle and make sure that your look lasts until long after the lights go out on your wedding night.

When you’ve spent a pretty penny on the perfect dress, veil, heels, jewellery and bouquet, it makes little sense to scrimp on making sure your face looks fabulous. After all, it’s where your other half will be looking when they make those all-important vows.

We can glam up your girls too

It ain’t a wedding with a bridesmaid or five, but what is one to do if half of your girls like to lather on the lippy and the rest prefer, shall we say, the natural look? Hire us to get the whole wedding party looking perfect and we’ll adapt the same look to suit all of your girls. We know how to make any eye colour pop and every cheekbone glow, without layering it on thick for those who rarely rock more than a lip balm. What’s more, our hair styling supremoes can master up-dos on pretty much any length of locks; great if your rebellious little sister refuses point-blank to let you touch her ultra-hip pixie crop.

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