Five Of Our Favourite Vintage Photoshoot Themes


Have you got your heart set on a vintage hen party? Here at The Beauty Artist our glam squad are well-versed in transforming gaggles of giggling hens into vintage stunners, with certain vintage photoshoot themes never failing to get the girls feeling fab in front of a camera. Gather your entourage, pour the Prosecco and take your pick of our favourite vintage hen party themes. All that’s left to do now is perfect your poses and countdown the days to a photo shoot with a difference.

Forces sweetheart

Pull on a pencil skirt that encourages a wiggle in your walk, button up your blazer and polish your shoes; the Forces Sweethearts are in town. The 1940s are one of our favourite eras and nothing does them justice quite like this playful theme. Hats are of course obligatory and you’ll need to cinch that waist to earn your stripes.


Nautical but nice

Ahoy there hens! Gather your nautical but nice crew and prepare for a haze of navy and white stripes and golden buttons. Our favourite hens take the look a step further with pin up girls temporarily tattooed to complete the look. Anchors away!



The Great Gatsby

Sequins, beading, feathers, frills and even a cheeky cigarette holder or two; what’s not to love about hen partying Great Gatsby style? They called them the Roaring Twenties for a reason and our hens certainly like large parties, a little like Daisy, the glamorous protagonist herself. Bring on the feather boas, pile on the pearls and channel the flapper girls who partied the night away on glamorous Art Deco dance floors. There’s never been a better time to perfect your foxtrot or work on your waltz. Sharp bobs all round? We’re gonna need more wigs!

 Great Gatsby


Style your victory rolls or curl those bettie bangs, cinch that waist with a big ol’ belt and layer the tulle under a swing skirt that’s as full as they come; it’s time to work the rockabilly look. We never met a gal who didn’t look good in a slick of scarlet lippy and black liner, and it’s a beauty look that will take you from 0 to fabulous faster than you can say “Elvis ain’t dead”.


Pin-up girls

If you and your hens have been sweating for the wedding, what better way for you all to show off those hard-earned curves than with a pin-up girl makeover and photo shoot. Think little shorts, halterneck tie tops, bandanas and leggy poses aplenty; you’re aiming for a look that you won’t mind popping up on those Facebook feeds! If you provide the posing prowess, we’ll provide the painted pout and the props.

Lucy Camper waitress 3 sepia

Which of our favourite vintage hen party themes will you be working for the camera?

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