Every Bride Needs Two Hen Parties!

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The ‘L’ plates and garter are on and the tequila is flowing. Any moment now, the naughty straws will be out. Sounds just like Aunt Carol’s kinda thing, right? No, we didn’t think so. As liberal as Nan may be and as much as Mum likes to think that she’s down with the kids, there comes a point in any raucous hen party when you realise that people were right when they said you should’ve had two.

More hens than ever are seeing double when it comes to their last hurrah and it isn’t just down to making the most of their final days of freedom. Traditional hen parties give us a chance to gather the troops and head out for the kind of night you haven’t had since those that were spent in cheesy bars with smoke machines and sticky carpets when you were 18. Today, more and more brides are opting to supplement the standard city weekender with a more refined affair. Does that have to mean boring? Absolutely not.

Here at The Beauty Artist, we’re strong advocates of the second hen soiree. It’s not just about keeping Aunty Jan happy, though that’s always a bonus, but about letting your nearest and dearest join in the celebrations leading up to the big day itself. It isn’t an easy task by any means but if you can plan the perfect hen party to appeal to everyone, you’ll be well on the way to winning at weddings!

So, given our position as the experts in all things hen parties, you’re probably wondering what we suggest?

Well, start with cake of course. It’s the international icebreaker of choice and the only divide in the group will be those who love a Battenberg vs. the one’s who wouldn’t touch anything but a Victoria sponge with a barge pole. Afternoon tea, served with something sparkling of course, is the fast-track way to getting everyone in the mood for a good time.

The second thing guaranteed to bring girls and grannies together is a makeover. Nan remembers the looks from way back when – “they all come back around you know!” – whilst the younger chicks relish the thought of channelling their inner pin-up. After all, it isn’t every day you get to layer on an extra bright red lippy, make your liner flick bigger than ever before and rock the kind of polka dot circle skirts that’d make the Pink Ladies green with envy. Seeing everyone transformed from the day-to-day to the downright dazzling is a million times better than avoiding the football crowd in Wetherspoons, and the resulting photographs are the kind that’ll be profile photos in a matter of minutes; could you say the same about those dodgy Day-Glo fancy dress shots?

Trying your hand at something crafty is equally ageless. Mum will love an opportunity to show of the skills garnered from years of dressmaking classes at school and the spring chickens will come over all Women’s Institute once they get a pin cushion on their wrist or a needle and thread in hand. Whether you’re knocking up vintage-style knickers or fancifying feather fascinators, getting crafty trumps an afternoon spent negotiating dodgy dare cards any day.

Are you planning your own hen party encore? If so, let us know!

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