The Beauty Artist Hens Of 2016


As we hang up our hairdryers and slip our make-up brushes back into their belts just in time for Christmas, we decided it would be the perfect time to take a look back at the year gone by.

Oh 2016. It’s been a funny old year hasn’t it? Fortunately, nothing soothes the pain of a perma-tanned President Elect quite like a room full of vintage beauties. And boy, has the past year seen a lot of them.

The last twelve months have seen The Beauty Artist takeover London, Brighton Pier and beyond with our bevy of beauties, all of them transformed in a haze of victory rolls, pin curls, feline eyeliner flicks, peep toe heels and circle skirts. Our vintage hen party themes have ranged from pin-up girls to Pink Ladies (and a gent!), and we can’t wait for another year of the same. Who knows, if Santa delivers a diamond this Christmas it might well be your photo we see here next time.


Could it be that Brighton is the vintage hen party hotspot of the world? One thing is for sure, few other locations make for such iconic hen party photo shoot backdrops. There’s something about seeing the flags of Brighton Pier flying high above a gaggle of gorgeous circle-skirted girls that make us feel all warm inside.



“Florals, for spring. Groundbreaking.”

We couldn’t possibly expect Miranda Priestly, the fashion editor whose wardrobe is 50 shades of black, to appreciate a good floral but good gosh, we certainly do. This summer photo shoot was one of our favourites for that very reason, those floral wiggle dresses and rose pink lips making for one sweet vintage combination.


One Of The Ladies

It’s our favourite vintage chick-flick and one of the most popular hen party fancy dress themes of all times. The Pink Ladies will never get old and these particular ladies pulled off the look with aplomb, complete with head scarves, cat-eye shades and the obligatory satin bomber jackets (one of this season’s hottest trends don’t you know – your Mum wasn’t lying when she said they all came back around!)

Look a little closer and you might just notice a fox amongst the Pink Lady pigeons. We’ve decided that seem as he dressed the part, we’ll let him stick around and doesn’t he look amazing?


Gas Station Gals

Is there a photo shoot setting more befitting of a vintage pin-up than the 1950s gas station and diner? With the retro scenes set, these gals delved deep into the dressing up box, emerging resplendent in gingham, tea dresses, ankle socks and Peter-pan collars.


We can’t say it’s too difficult making babes like these over into vintage starlets, but we have had the best time doing so in 2016. If you’re looking for a hen party with a difference in 2017, take a look at our packages here and let us work our magic!

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