Alternative Veils for Vintage Brides


They say that when you know, you know. No, we’re not talking about the future husband, or even the dress, we’re talking about the veil. When you’re planning a vintage-inspired wedding look, getting the veil right is even more important than ever. Here are a few of our favourite vintage veil styles to give you a little inspiration.

Juliet Cap Veil

If there was ever a veil for the vintage fashionista, the Juliet cap is it. This daring but darling style added the finishing touch to the iconic look worn so elegantly by Grace Kelly at her royal wedding to Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956. Since then, some of the most stylish stars on the planet have rushed to recreate the look for their own big day, including style chameleon Lily Allen and catwalk queen Kate Moss.

The Juliet cap originated in the 16th century but it was during the 1920s and 1930s that the style became most popular. Take a look back through the bridal archives, or tune into everyone’s favourite Downton Abbey, and you’re sure to come across flapper girl brides transformed with close-fitting caps and cascading silk or lace.

If you’re aiming for a high fashion look, a Juliet cap will show off your style credentials perfectly when paired with a beautifully fluid satin gown cut on the bias.


Birdcage Veil

There is something so alluring about seeing those pretty eyes peering from beneath a birdcage veil, which goes some way to explaining why the glamorous style has seen a return to favour in recent years. Creating Old Hollywood connotations since the 1940s, the birdcage veil comes into its own when worn with a loose chignon, with tulle, Russian or French netting shadowing the face to just above the lips.

The amazing thing about the birdcage veil is that it can be adapted to suit your wedding style. Oversized florals create an edgier look, whilst delicate jewelled headbands with a whisp of tulle are oh-so-feminine. Those embracing the Old Hollywood of yesteryear should of course brave a red lip and lashings of soot black mascara.


The Fly-Away Veil

Shorter was sweeter in the Sixties and that didn’t just apply to the mini skirts worn by Twiggy et al, but in the veils they wore for their weddings too. The fly-away veil falls just below the shoulder, layers of tulle giving a much more voluminous look than seen in longer length styles. When it came to wedding hair, the Sixties were all about the beehive of course; the bigger and more bouffant the better, and oftentimes accessorised with a sleek black bow at the crown. What’s great about the fly-away veil is its ability to accommodate all of the extra height in the hive, adding a gorgeous playful edge to the bridal fashions of the era.

If you’ve already earmarked a Sixties-style shift dress or a sweet but simple mini, the fly-away veil will tie the whole look together in a manner that would make Mary Quant proud.


Will you be wearing a vintage veil on your big day? If so, don’t forget to tailor your bridal beauty look to suit!

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