Accessorise Your Hen Party in Style…Without a Naughty Straw in Sight!

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Times have changed and when it comes to accessorising your hen party, a willy straw and cheesy t-shirt no longer cuts the mustard. Whether you have booked your hen party with The Beauty Artist or are planning a sophisticated soiree of your own, here are our favourite ways to accessorise your hen party in style.

Get the invite right

Forget Facebook invites and set the tone for a great hen party from the outset. By all means gather the hen and her chicks by the usual channels, but going old school and sending invites ups the ante and anticipation. Have film poster style invites printed with the hen and her chicks as the stars of the show or create luggage tags if you’re heading for a weekend away. If you’re crafty, make your own. If you aren’t, there are endless designers and creative souls available on the internet whose creations will bowl over the bride.

Ditch the L plates

When you’ve spent forever finding the perfect outfit in which to say ‘see ya’ to singledom, nothing ruins the look worse than an L plate. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put something intended for a car on a gorgeous girly anyway?! Ditch the tack and go for something a little classier, such as a gorgeous lace garter; discreet but just naughty enough.

Restyle the sash

All eyes should be on the bride and the traditional way to ensure this is the case is with a big bright (often pink) sash. If you’re having a vintage inspired hen party, the usual polyester sash doesn’t really fit the aesthetic. Etsy is home to an endless array of sashes, including silk, lace edged and embroidered designs. Make your own if you’re feeling creative, using fabric samples or lace to edge otherwise simple sashes.

Slip into something more comfortable

If you’re heading to a spa, planning a girly sleepover or indulging in a makeover and photoshoot, personalised silk dressing gowns will coordinate the group in style. Bride, Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom are obligatory while the rest of the group can have their names emblazoned on the back. The best part is that they’ll come in handy on the morning of the wedding too!

Bespoke bunting

Do you remember how exciting it was when the room was decorated in bunting and balloons for your childhood birthdays? Recreate the excitement with bespoke bunting strung around your hotel room if you’re away. It’s really easy to make – you can even learn as part of your hen party with The Beauty Artist!

Keep the memories somewhere safe

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter updates are inevitable, but nothing beats receiving a scrap book from your girls on your wedding morning. Document the whole day or weekend in a gorgeous book, adding your own comments to photos even, before having everyone who attended leave their own personal message for the bride. While it’s fun to look at your wedding photos, it’s also fab to look back on your last hurrah!

Something to remember it by

Goodie bags aren’t just for five-year old’s birthday parties! Give the chicks something to remember a great hen party by, filling pretty bags with personalised lip balms, chocolate, inexpensive bracelets with initial charms and even recipes for cocktails enjoyed on the big night.

Hopefully we have got your imagination going and ideas overflowing. Happy hen party planning!

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