8 Alternative Wedding Hair Ideas

Hands up if you remember when wedding hair meant a chignon or Rapunzel-style ringlets cascading from a Swarovski crystal tiara? While we’re still fans of classic wedding hair looks, there are more options than ever for bridal hairstyles that are anything but boring. From the super-sleek centre-parted ponytail to the elfin sixties-style pixie crop and the thoroughly modern mohawk, these are the alternative wedding hair ideas to provide epic inspiration for your own big day. Because ain’t that what we’re here for at The Beauty Artist, to enabler your Pinterest mood board dreams? 


Bold colour 


Bold colour on your wedding day? Ooh, what will the neighbours say! Unicorn hair might not be the most traditional wedding hair style but some of our favourite brides are those that have thrown caution and convention to the wind and coloured up their locks for the big day. We’ve had flashes of blue and cascading lilac waves; which hue is for you? 



There is something about a sleek ponytail that is as beautiful as it is effortless. The simple style can balance a dress with lots of frothy detailing or complete a sophisticated strapless look by showing off those gorgeous shoulders and décolletage too. 



Poker straight


Curls have been the go-to for years and they’ll always hold a special place in our heart. That said, more and more brides are embracing a return to the poker straight styles of the nineties. 

Modern mohawk 


You needn’t be a rock star to rock a mohawk. Short hair screams cool and there’s absolutely no rule that says you need to grow your hair out long for your big day! 

Au naturel 


If hairspray is your idea of hell, an intricate updo laced with the stuff might well leave you feeling a little stuffy and not quite yourself. If you like your locks free-flowing, go for it; the best look for you on the big day is one that leaves you feeling like your best version of yourself. Au natural hair, with a sprig of baby’s breath or a little embellished slide to the side, can look beautifully bohemian and effortless. 


Still stuck when it comes wedding hair inspiration? Give your girls at The Beauty Artist a call. We’re big on all things bridal hair and beauty, so whether you’re a vintage vixen or a thoroughly modern Milly, we’ve got the inspiration and expertise to create a wedding day look you will love! 


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