10 Tips guaranteed to take the pain out of hen party planning


Ok, this is it. Your bestie has said ‘Yes!’ to both the ring and the dress. The bridesmaids have been selected and the big day is edging ever closer; it’s time to plan the hen party.


Hen party planning has the potential to strike fear into the heart of a Maid of Honour, prompting nightmares about broken budgets and disappointed brides-to-be. Truth be told, it’s easy when you know how. And here at The Beauty Artist, we really know how to hen party. Here are ten of our most tried and tested tips for hen party planning, from the basics to those little added extras that’ll have even the hardest to impress Mother-in-Law laying it on heavy with the post-hen party praise.


1.It’s all about the bride


When it comes to planning a hen party, it is ALL about the bride. If she loves nothing more than a festival weekender, a lazy spa day might not hit the spot. Similarly, vintage-loving vixens might find a Marbella mini break a bit of a culture shock. Keep the bride’s personality in mind at all times.


2. Agree a budget from the outset


The number one source of unrest in any hen party planning process is the budget. What works for one might just be totally out of the question for another, so set the budget at the very start of hen party planning. Be realistic, include everything from travel to accommodation and activities in the figure, then stick to it.


3.Collaborate on the guest list


Putting together a hen party guest list without the input of the bride is risky business. It doesn’t matter how lengthy her Facebook friends list, there’ll always be a workmate or family friend that gets left out, so work with the bride-to-be to avoid any unfortunate oversights on the guest list front.


4.Don’t leave planning until the last minute


It is never, we repeat – never – too early to start planning the hen party. Start having conversations around six months before the big day so that people can get the date in their diaries and you can book all the activities you want to feature without disappointment.


5.Don’t involve too many in the planning process


We are all for a wine-fuelled hen party planning night but when it comes to the big details, keep your circle small. The more people involved in the process, the more opinions there’ll be to factor in. Save the planning party for the fun stuff, like outfits and goodie bags.


6.Remember the finer details


Part of planning an amazing hen party is making sure all the logistics are covered, as well as the more obvious stuff. Book those mini buses well in advance, make sure the restaurant is ready for a big group at brunch the morning after; elements like this might be the boring part of hen party planning but they’re the bits most likely to go wrong!  


7.Keep the surprises coming for the bride


The hen party is second only to the big day itself on the excitement front for the bride-to-be, so make sure it’s as special as she is. Spring little surprises on her throughout the day, from a special car to take her to the train station, to a personalised travel wallet with her tickets for the weekend inside or a make up artist to leave her looking and feeling lush for the day ahead…we happen to know a pretty good one!  


8.Pay special attention to the MOTB and MOTG


Rack up some serious Maid of Honour brownie points by paying special attention to the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom (and any grandmothers!). A sash for each of them goes without saying and a nice bunch of blooms the morning after the hen party will leave them beaming all the way home.


9.Don’t scrimp on activities


Hen parties can quickly descend into cocktailathons if you’re not careful. While we’re a sucker for an espresso martini or two, be sure to plan some activities around the alcohol to keep the day interesting and to give everyone time to pace themselves. The options are endless, from makeovers (hey, hi, have we met?) to afternoon tea, sewing workshops and dance classes.


Looking for a little helping hand through the hen party planning process? We got you gal! Get in touch with The Beauty Artist today for expert assistance on all things hen party.

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